National Child Helpline

Childline Kenya operates the National Child Helpline 116, Kenya’s only 24-hour, toll-free telephone and web-based helpline for children.

The easiest way of getting in touch with the helpline for children is by dialing 116 from any mobile or landline phone. Calls are always completely free of charge for the caller.

Alternatively, you can drop an email at with your questions or concerns. A councilor will email you back.

There is also an online chat, where you can talk to a councilor live and online.

What does the National Child Helpline do?

The counsellors will listen to any questions or concerns around child welfare, children’s rights and child abuse – regardless of the age of the caller.

Here is a list of topics many callers want to talk about:
• physical, sexual and emotional abuse
• child maintenance
• neglect
• relationships with partners, parents, friends and family
• child custody
• children’s rights
• school-related problems
• child labour, child trafficking, child prostitution
• reproductive health
• medical problems and access to healthcare
• legal issues