The Children's Act of Kenya

The Children Act means an act of the Kenyan parliament (date of assent 31 December 2001 and date of commencement 1 March 2002) to make provision for parental responsibility, fostering, adoption, custody, maintenance, guardianship, care of children; to make provision for the administration of children’s institutions; to give effect to the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and for connected purposes.

Simba-Safe Kenya’s mission is to safeguard and promote the rights and welfare of the Child as per the Children Act in the following ways;

1.    the promotion of the good up-bringing of children by their families, through the establishment of suitable family oriented programmes through the creation of  public awareness and relevant programme support initiatives;

2.    the enhancement children’s self-protective skills by participation in lessons on safe and unsafe situations and equipping them with the skills necessary to enable them to recognise and resist abuse/victimisation;

3.    the protection of children from physical and psychological abuse, neglect and any other form of exploitation including sale, trafficking or abduction by any person;

4.    the protection of children from sexual exploitation and use in prostitution, inducement or coercion to engage in any sexual activity, and exposure to obscene materials;

5.    the safeguarding of the Child’s right to privacy subject to parental guidance;

6.    the development of  children’s self-esteem and  assertiveness coupled with the language and tact they require to seek help ;

7.    the education for children around the safe use of technology particularly with regard to mobile phone and  internet use;

8.    The reinforcement of  children’s recognition on adult supervision and protection by assisting children in learning to identify adults they can trust who can help them with problems too big for them to handle alone;

9.    The provision of a supportive environment in which parents and guardians can explore the issue of personal safety for children and learn on tips and trends in child safety;

10. the promotion of education,  training, sports and citizenship in children through leisure, play and participation and cultural activities and provision of excellent child edutainment in a child-friendly atmosphere while ensuring that parent, guardian and child, receive excellent service in a playful, educational, and safe environment;